Want to reduce cellulite and have smoother, toned skin ready for the beach this summer?

Guinot’s body contouring treatment does just that…

This body sculpting firming treatment uses an exfoliation phase which rids the skin of dead cells and boosts the penetration of active ingredients in the skin.

Anti-fat essential oils are then used for an anti cellulite sculpting and invogorating massage to help break down fatty deposits within the skin.

Finally, the clay and green tea sauna masque is applied to the thighs and abdomen. This helps to drain away excess water from the body, leaving the silhouette immediately refined with reduce signs of cellulite and beautifully soft.

We recommend a course of 3, once a week with a monthly maintenance. Each treatment takes 1 hour.

To book, call us on 01865 377590 or alternatively book via our website; www.hiddensecretltd.co.uk